How to integrated Rewardful with Mavenseed | Affiliate marketing with Stripe

Sep 12th 2022

Affiliate marketing could be a way to increase awareness, validate your idea, and reward your community for spreading the word about your product.

There is a lot to consider before offering affiliate marketing. This article is less about whether you should do Affiliate Marketing, Neil Patel has a great article overviewing affiliate marketing and what to consider.

If you're ready to offer affiliate marketing options to your customers, as a Stripe verified partner, Rewardful can be installed on Mavenseed within a few steps.

Note: Rewardful is a paid product that we're not affiliate with, though did enjoy how easily we got it up and running with our Stripe integration. Keep in mind Rewardful does not offer a PayPal integration

Things you'll need to get started


Add Rewardful Code Snippet to your Header Script

When you create your Rewardful account they'll walk you through a few steps: connecting Stripe, configuring base settings, and setting up your first campaign. You'll then be pointing to the platform installation page.

There isn't a direct Mavenseed integration page, scroll down and choose JavaScript (Browser) integration to display the instructions. 


Step 1: Copy and paste the Javascript snippet into your Header Script section on your Mavenseed site.

This can be found within Admin > Settings > Header Scripts

Step 2: Add a Footer Code Snippet to record conversions customer welcome page.  

Copy and paste the below code snippet into your footer script section on Mavenseed. This can be found within Admin > Settings > Footer Scripts (Scroll to the bottom) 

  if ( $('body').hasClass('welcome-customer') ){
    rewardful('ready', function() {
      if(Rewardful.referral) {
        rewardful('convert', { email: $('body').data('customer-email') });

If you have created a custom welcome customer page, you'll need to edit the "welcome-customer" page slug to read "p-welcome-customer".

Step 3: Click the Ok, I've completed this button on Rewardful to check your site for a successful installation.

Once connected you may continue setting up your Rewardful account following their instructions.

If you're having trouble confirming through Rewardful please reach out to [email protected] to see if we can help you along. 


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