Selling online is hard, and we know it better than anyone else; it's all we've done for the last ten years. Hell, YouTube wasn't even a household name when we sold our first online courses. In the time since, we've built some incredibly valuable content tools.

We've added to that everything that we've learned over our 30+ combined years, and developed a platform for you to grow your audience, and sell your digital content without relying on advertising revenue.

Mavenseed is a platform for sharing your passion for teaching while building a business and livelihood around your unique skills. Succeed where others have failed, using the same tools we've used to teach tens of thousands successfully.

Who are we?

We are the team behind CG Cookie and the Blender Market. To be more specific, it's Wes Burke (@wesburke), Jonathan Williamson (@jonathanwilliamson), and Nick Haskins (@nphaskins). We're an eclectic smorgasbord of personalities. Wes is an ex-coastie, and lives dangerously by riding crotch-rockets. Jonathan is a good 'ol farm boy carrying on the 'merica tradition of brewing beer, and opening up his own brewery. Nick's a rock climber, calls his biceps "Thunder" and "Lighting", and lives in a cabin in the mountains.

Between us, believe it or not, we know things!

O.K. but for real, another content platform?

There's a better way to work and to build a business. You should not have to rely on advertising or the sheer volume of followers to earn a respectable living. Nor should you have to compromise your values by handing over control to attention merchants.

We're not interested in being the next unicorn or raising millions of dollars in venture capital.

What we are interested in doing is creating a sustainable business that puts people and the environment ahead of growth. One of the ways we're doing this is by committing 10% of our revenue to make the worlds a better place.

Mavenseed exists because we've spent ten years scratching our own itch through CG Cookie and the Blender Market.

Ultimately, each of these adventures have been focused on building systems that enable creative people to create a livelihood around their passion. Even if we didn't realize it, these efforts were always leading to this point: Mavenseed.

Back to where it all began...

The domain name for Mavenseed was first registered on December 1st, 2008, when CG Cookie was barely a blip on the radar. Initially Mavenseed was personal one-on-one training for 3D Animation artists. After a year we chose to move it to the back-burner for a bit it has always stuck with us. The brand may have sat dormant for more than ten years, but it was never forgotten; it has always been the other itch that needed to be scratched.

It is with all of this in mind, and over thirty years of cumulative experience that we bring Mavenseed to bear.

Our aim to is to help creative minded people, particularly those with a strong independent streak, to explore new ideas by giving them the tools they need to grow their audience, monetize their experience, and to build their business.

All while putting family first, bringing people together, raising all the boats, and leaving this pale blue dot a better place than we found it.