A platform for streaming, teaching, and selling content.

Selling online is hard, and we know it better than anyone else; it's all we've done for the last ten years. Hell, YouTube wasn't even a household name when we sold our first online courses. In the time since, we've built some incredibly valuable content tools.

We've added to that everything that we've learned over our 30+ combined years, and developed a platform for you to grow your audience, and sell your digital content without relying on advertising revenue.

Mavenseed is a platform for sharing your passion for teaching while building a business and livelihood around your unique skills. Succeed where others have failed, using the same tools we've used to teach tens of thousands successfully.

A screenshot of our beta version prototype.

Just imagine what you could accomplish with a single platform, built by a crew who thinks the way you do, with over a decade of experience with selling digital content. The dress was blue, right? 😉

Feel good with a platform that bridges the gaps between the various sites use to sell and promote your digital content. Have a deeper understanding of how your content is being consumed using advanced analytics, and community building features designed to simplify your focus.

It's more than selling digital downloads. Mavenseed offers a simple course building experience that is minimal in design, but powerful in its capabilities. Build a course with a variety of media types from video and files, to exercise, quizzes, and more.

As a Maven, start selling your digital downloads and build a community. Offer subscriptions that you can set to include or exclude certain downloads or courses. Bundle and sell content in any way possible. The sky is the limit.