Scattershot - PBR Texture Bombing for Blender
Scatter, randomize, and blend texture sets with the power of procedural texture bombing.
RetopoFlow - Retopology Toolkit for Blender
Sketch to create new geometry with artist friendly tools in a custom mode tailored for retopology.
Export to Blend
Export objects, collections, or nodes to their own blend files to build out your asset library.
CUBICITY: Creating and Utilizing Asset Libraries with Blender
Discover the power of Asset Libraries! Learn to create, manage, and leverage libraries with Blender's Asset Browser as well as how to assemble scenes from your assets. This 10-hr course has something for every skill-level, from beginner to advanced.
OFF-ROAD: Rig and Animate an RC Monster Truck in Blender
Rig and animate a Monster Truck with fully realistic driving properties, including spring suspension, ground detection and real-life Ackermann steering. Automate the driving processes with Python script (no coding experience needed) and create dynamic controls using 100% Blender only.
Vector Art Tutorial Pack - Sandy Desert
Guided intermediate tutorial for making stylized vector art for prototyping a 2D desert platformer. Learn to emulate the vast beauty of the Sandy Sandy Desert and implement into your games! Then afterwards, let's schedule a time to chat!
Blender Tutorial: Crafting a Realistic Snowman Step-by-Step
Master snowman creation in Blender this holiday! Learn efficient, flexible model development and material crafting using only Blender's built-in tools. Start your festive 3D journey here!
Learn to Code From Zero With Godot 3
Make your family and friends proud. Learn skills in high demand by creating fun toys and games. Finally become a game developer! For Godot 3 LTS.
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Godot Node Essentials (Godot 3 LTS)
Learn Godot's nodes and their secrets faster than ever. For Godot 3 LTS.
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