How to Offer a PreSale of your Digital Download

Nov 29th 2020

If you're selling your digital product and want to create excitement around its release, doing a presale can be a great idea.

Presale means collecting payments from your customers without delivering the product right away. Instead, you commit to sending them the product at a later date in the future.

"Preselling my eBook gave me a chance to start promoting the product, build up excitement,and collect initial funding that helped me get the book ready for the market," says Nick, the creator of Playbook Thirty-Nine e-book.

 order mavenseed.png

Pre-order page for a programming eBook, Playbook Thirty-Nine

How to Offer a Presale in 4 Steps on Mavenseed

Step 1: Create your Product

Start by creating a product on your Mavenseed page (

new download.pngStep 2: Set the presale price of your product

Now is the time to decide how much to charge for your product during the presale time.

ℹ️  The pre-sale price is usually (though not always) discounted, to reward your customers for waiting until they get the product - and trusting you to deliver.


Step 3: Add a PDF to thank your customer for their presale purchase

Since your customer isn't getting the final product just yet, the PDF is a nice touch to give them something - and thank them for their trust.

To add a new file to your Download simply navigate to the Files tab and then Drag & Drop the file from your local storage or click browse to select the file. 


Step 4: Once your product is ready, let your customers know

Hooray! Now that your product is ready, upload it to your files (same as Step 3). Replacing your original PDF. 

You can now email your customers to let them know to return to your site and download the full version.

More questions? 

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