Run your online streaming business like a BBQ joint: Ignore how it looks, focus on how it tastes.

Sep 17th 2019

We as entrepreneurs sometimes tend to focus too much on how something looks. We'll obsess over coffee bag design, or stay up late sweating which button color to use on our website. After-all, we read an article on how orange buttons convert better than blue. 🤔

Listen, I get it. You want a beautiful store front so people will come in and shop. Though if your BBQ is amazing, even if you're selling it from a hole-in-the-wall gas station, lines will form. Similarly, Google didn’t become the most powerful search engine for it’s dizzyingly beautiful design (dizzign?). 

If you've read our Manifesto, you'll know that Mavenseed is driven to help you sell content online within minutes. This is our secret BBQ flavor: our value we're building for you.

Mavenseed makes you focus on what matters

While other platforms may offer a wide range of design options, this can be a distraction from what matters most. The crucial question is: Do people want what you’re selling?

With Mavenseed, you'll know the answer sooner. You can start selling your online streaming videos out of the gate and follow the ultimate startup mantra: fail fast, learn, improve.

Mavenseed puts your content first, putting your content in the spotlight with quizzes, exercises, downloads and community building questions and answers. 

But what about design?

Don't get me wrong. Design has its place (and magical powers) especially when something feels good to use. But should it be first in the priority list?

I'd argue - no. Craig's list, anyone?

When you’re first starting out, focus on two things; content and distribution of content. That means making your BBQ delicious and reaching the hungry crowd to serve it to.

Begin by releasing samples of your widget or knowledge on platforms to see if people are hungry for it. Share with friends and family. Find out what works, tweak the ingredients if needed, iterate and be obsessed with improvement.

Happy Creating! ❤️


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