Maven Market

Take charge of your online community experience and add functionality with just a click from a variety of free and premium plugins.

Some of our Mavens sell books, while others sell online courses. Since no two sites are really the same, we didn't want to bloat them with unnecessary features that don't necessarily apply to them.

All premium plugins built by Mavenseed are included free of charge for subscribers!

Instead, functionality can be added and removed with just a few clicks by leveraging the power of the Maven Market. We have an ever growing list of plugins that currently include:

Enable customers to bookmark their favorite material in your library.
Activate comments on posts.
Increase engagement on your site with game points and levels.
Enable your customers to "love" comments, questions, and answers.
PayPal ($)
Accept PayPal for orders and subscriptions with no transaction fees!
Organize your saved content into shareable lists of content.
Profiles ($)
Add social network functionality like user profiles and followers!
Projects ($)
Provide your customers with gallery to upload their projects to.
Add reviews to downloads, courses, and live streams.
Let your content to be shared to Twitter and Facebook.
Social Links
Add your favorite social media links to any page.
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