Offer recurring memberships

Build sustainable and stable income from your supporters through multi-tier subscription options.

Offering your content through a membership makes it easy for customers to access your content in exchange for a recurring payment. And it's free! We collect an 8% transaction fee* on each of your customers recurring payments.

recurring memberships

At the heart of Mavenseed is a powerful recurring membership engine complete with self-serve customer portals. This allows your customers to control all aspects of their membership from upgrading, to canceling.

With Mavenseeds recurring membership tools, you can also restrict specific content from being viewed unless the customer is on a supporting membership plan.

This is an important feature to have when running a content site!

Additionally, recurring membership payments have full support for SCA (Strong Customer Authentication).

recurring subscriptions

* An 8% transaction fee is collected each time a customer pays you via an order, or recurring membership payment. This does not include the additional fees collected by Stripe. Transaction fees can be reduced by upgrading to a paying subscription.

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